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So this is a blog, eh?

Isabel S.
[Due to LJ shenanigans, I am transitioning to DW. I am posting on DW and cross-posting to LJ. I prefer comments on posts to be left at DW.]

As a child, instead of taking away tv or other privileges, my mother used to take away my library card because she thought it would teach me to behave. What it actually taught me was to check out the maximum number of books allowed at one time so that I would still have books around the next time I misbehaved.

In addition to reading, I like sewing, gardening, all things related to food, and I am active in environmental and social justice causes. I am Puerto Rican by birth (well, my parents' really) and Jewish by choice, and that has made for some interesting life experiences. I have been happily married for 12 years and we are childfree. Someone once described me as an onion-as in with many layers-and I'm hoping to live up to that.

I've been in fandom for about 15 years, but only discoverd LJ a couple of years ago after a WisCon-related bit of fail. I have met lots of great people at WisCon that I now keep up with on LJ, and I've met lots of new folks as well. I am always learning from and growing because of my LJ community, and for that I thank you.

I need to emphasize that learning is not always fun or easy, and if you see something here that you disagree with, it's ok to discuss it. Debate is good for growth as it makes you think. Keep in mind, debate =/= fight. It is not ok to behave badly in my space. Actions are fair game, people are not. And NO generalizations/stereotypes! Behave badly and you will be banned.

If you add me to your friends list, please send me a message so I know who you are, and I might even friend you back!